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Most profitable staking provider in MultiversX ecosystem.
Stake EGLD and earn EGLD + CYBER.

Secure your future with crypto staking

Unlock earnings & seize your crypto future.

Staking your cryptocurrency for a certain period of time will support the security and operations of the network. In return, you will be rewarded with additional coins.

Best APR

We offer the best APR in the market with a 8% annual percentage rate + CYBER rewards.

Full Support

Our dedicated Telegram group and email support provide full assistance to our community 24/7.

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Rest assured, our fully secured servers and vigilant monitoring ensure an uninterrupted uptime.

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Instead of simply holding your assets, they can actively engage with the blockchain network and earn additional returns.

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Stake with confidence, earn with certainty. Staking is a reliable and trustworthy method of generating income from cryptocurrencies.


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Leverage the potential of staking to generate consistent earnings.

Path to financial freedom

How to stake
with xPortal?

xPortal is a true SuperApp, offering, for the first time, a suite of incredible features, designed to seamlessly integrate digital finance, money and crypto.

Get Started

1. Download xPortal app

You can download the xPortal app for your mobile device, whether it's an Android or iOS, from xPortal.com.

2. Create your non-custodial wallet

After downloading xPortal, you will need to create a wallet by adding your phone number and backup your secret phrase.

3. Get some EGLD to stake

You can buy EGLD directly through the xPortal or you can buy it from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance and then send it to your xPortal wallet.

Choose a Provider

1. Find the Earn section

In the xPortal app by clicking on "Earn" located at the middle right side of the screen or via the prominent "X" icon positioned at the bottom of the interface.

2. Choose one of the staking providers

One option you may consider is Cyberpunk Stake, which offers attractive benefits. By staking your EGLD tokens with Cyberpunk Stake, you earn a 7% APR, and on top of that, you will receive 3 CYBER tokens per EGLD staked every month.

3. That’s it!

Progress to the next tab to initiate the staking procedure.

Stake Your eGLD

1. Staking

Please enter the desired staking amount and confirm the transaction. With these steps completed, you will have achieved your staking objectives.

2. Claiming / Restaking

Within the "Earn" section, you have the option to either claim your rewards or reinvest them through restaking.

3. Unstaking

From the "Earn" section, select "Unstake", specify the amount to unstake, and note that a ten-day waiting period is necessary before you can claim your assets.

asked questions.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Connect with our team for assistance.

What is EGLD staking?

Staking EGLD on the MultiversX blockchain is a secure way to earn more EGLD while supporting the network's security. By staking, your EGLD is controlled by a smart contract, but you retain complete ownership. No one but you can access your EGLD.

Why should I stake my EGLD with Cyberpunk Stake?

Investing in EGLD and staking it on the MultiversX blockchain is a significant move towards financial freedom. Just like buying Bitcoin in 2012, this is an opportunity to get on board early and not miss out on potential gains. Cyberpunk Stake has a strong belief in MultiversX and has been personally invested in it for years. We have even set up servers worldwide to help secure the MultiversX blockchain, showcasing our commitment to its success. Join us and be part of the future of crypto.

How do I stake my EGLD with Cyberpunk Stake?

Staking EGLD on cyberpunkstake.com is a seamless process. Just go to Delegation Manager and you'll be guided through simple prompts. You can also easily stake from the Earn section in xPortal mobile wallet.

How secure is my investment?

MultiversX is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that leverages the highly secure blockchain technology. With 3200 independent nodes across the globe, it ensures a decentralized network. The inclusion of randomization and speedy 6-second transaction processing sets it apart in terms of efficiency. MultiversX is continuously evolving to achieve maximum decentralization.

Do you handle my money or my rewards?

Cyberpunk Stake does not have control over your EGLD, nor can we manage, move, or reinvest it. The entire staking process is automated and managed by an on-chain smart contract. We act as secured gatekeepers to enable you to independently manage your EGLD.

Can I get my EGLD back?

You have complete ownership of your staked EGLD. If you wish to reclaim it, you can do so anytime by following the same process used for staking, but this time by clicking on the "unstake" button. Please note that it will take 10 days to unlock your stake, as this is a feature inherent in the blockchain design and not managed by Cyberpunk Stake.

Can I lose my EGLD?

Staking your EGLD with MultiversX provides a secure and reliable way to earn lucrative rewards. With annual interest rates of nearly 8%, your EGLD is actively working for you while you sleep. This impressive return outshines traditional banking options by a long shot. So instead of settling for minimal interest rates at a bank, you can rest assured that your funds are growing significantly with Cyberpunk Stake.

Why do I have to wait 10 days to get my eGLD back?

When you choose to unstake your EGLD from the MultiversX blockchain, you will need to wait for 10 days before it becomes accessible. This waiting period is predetermined by MultiversX's infrastructure and cannot be influenced by any agency. The purpose behind this requirement is to ensure network stability, discourage frequent transfers between agencies to chase higher Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), and assist agencies in maintaining optimal staking levels.

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Cyberpunk Stake is the most profitable staking provider
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